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Ready to buy? This is how we can help

Recently moved and ready to buy a house in the Netherlands? Or have you been here for a while and are ready to switch out renting a property to owning one? Academica is here to help! Find out the steps to buying a house in the Netherlands and how Academica can help you secure your future Dutch home.

Steps to buy a house in the Netherlands

  • 1. Free first consultation

    Before you start looking for your dream home, you need to know what your options are. What will your buying budget be? What are your monthly costs? Are there any specific requirements for expats? Our advisors will calculate your maximum mortgage based on your personal situation and answer any questions you might have. Request your first free consultation now!

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  • 2. Find your Dutch dream home

    Now that you know what you can borrow, you can focus on looking for a home. But where to go? Who to talk to? As a foreigner the Dutch housing market can be a maze and the limited supply of owner-occupied homes makes it important to be there as soon as possible. Having someone who knows Dutch and has a network of local brokers, can make all the difference! Our advisors will gladly share their insider knowledge to assist you in your search.

  • 3. Negotiate

    Found your future house? Then it’s time to place your bid! Easy peasy, right? But nothing is less true, especially if local brokers don’t speak English and all documentation is in Dutch! By engaging a professional, you can usually come to a better deal and not fall into the pitfalls that lie in wait when buying your Dutch home. Not only are we financial advisors, Academica can also be your partner for professional purchasing support and can help you seal the deal!

  • 4. Apply for a mortgage

    Once you have bought your home, it’s time to arrange the financing. Academica advisors work 100% independently and are not bound to a bank or other mortgage provider. Your personal advisor will compare all providers and check who offers the lowest interest rates and best the conditions to suit your personal situation. We’ll go out of our way to get you the best mortgage deal possible! Whether you are an expat or not!

  • 5. Transfer ownership

    After your mortgage has been approved, a civil-law notary is necessary to finalize the ownership of the house. The notary can draw up the contract of sale, mortgage deed and deed to transfer ownership, which you will have to sign. We will check all the paperwork to make sure everything goes to plan. Congratulations! You’re the proud owner of a Dutch home!

  • 6. Get insurance

    Now you own your beautiful Dutch home, it’s important to make sure nothing happens to it. Academica can help you get all the insurances you need to secure your house and all your valuable possessions. Because what happens in case of fire or rain damage? We have experienced partners that offer all the essential insurances at the best rates.

"Working with Academica and Patrick in particular made my experience of buying a home in the Netherlands much smoother and less stressful than it could have been. Patrick caught mistakes in contracts I would have never seen, gave a lot of advice and helped me navigate through a process that was completely foreign to me. I was constantly reassured throughout the whole ordeal and when unforeseen, tricky circumstances arose, he gave me advice that has been incredibly helpful to me."


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Would you like to know your maximum mortgage? Or do you have other questions regarding buying a house in the Netherlands? We would love to help you! Stay where you are, we’ll come meet you. At your home, your office or even at your hotel. Whenever and wherever you wish. And don’t forget: your first consultation with Academica is always free. Call us now on 078 648 14 80 or fill in the form below. We can often plan a meeting the same day!

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